Every year the auto industry unveils new technology built into the latest models. Consumers love owning the latest gadgets, and cars are no exception. In fact, cars are status symbols for some consumers. Here’s a look at a few of the most technologically impressive cars this year.

Tesla Model S: Touch-Screen Display and Hands-Free Calling

The Tesla Model S is one of the most technologically advanced cars of today. It’s electric, meaning it has exceptional fuel efficiency. With several battery pack sizes it can go a considerable distance for an electric model. It combines other useful tech features, such as hands-free calling for safety.  It also boasts a 17-inch LCD and capacitive touch display for easy controls. If you want to own this tech-savvy vehicle, it will cost you about $60,000.

 Tesla Model S

Audi A6: Ultimate 3D Navigation

Today, new cars aren’t considered complete without a built-in GPS system. The Audi A6 takes that to the next level with a 3D graphics display and integration with Google Earth. The most interesting feature is the ability to enter commands using fingertip writing.

Audi A6

Mini Cooper: Maximum Fuel Efficiency

The Mini Cooper comes in a compact package but can travel nearly 500 miles on a single tank of gas. Cool features such as power folding mirrors, ambient lighting, and automatic climate control produce a comfortable ride.

Mini Cooper

BMW 5 Series: High Class Safety

Owning a BMW is considered a sign of class. But the BMW 5 Series is more than just a status symbol—it offers a number of technologically advanced features that make it a safe choice. Stability control and traction control help drivers stay on course and in control while Bluetooth technology and iPod input make long rides more tolerable. Visit Priority 1 Automotive to take one of these elegant rides on a test drive.

BMW 5 Series

Smart Car: Tiny, But Genius

The Smart Car is exactly as its name suggests: brilliant. The Smart Car has a manual transmission, yet it’s automatic. The transmission is clutchless and uses smartshift technology to give drivers the ultimate control–simply tap the steering wheel to shift. Want to switch to automatic? Smart Car lets you do that, too. And despite its tiny outer look, it offers 12 cubic feet of storage in the trunk. It even fits a set of golf clubs.

Smart Car

Porsche: Advanced Braking System

The look of a Porsche can’t be beat, but these cars also made some technological strides. For instance, Porsche brakes use PCCB disks which won’t corrode and resist deformation. Some newer Porsche models include Porsche Traction Management, maximizing safety and driver control under non-ideal circumstances for safety.

Today’s technologically advanced cars offer features that improve both safety and comfort. No longer are long car rides a bore if you’re driving one of these modern autos. Gadgets like iPod connections and integrated navigation only serve to improve the overall driving experience along with greater safety and better fuel efficiency.