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Christmas Car Decorations

There are many easy ways to set a festive mood in your car, whether you want to create a fun environment for kids or just to get into the spirit of the season and extend your home decorations to your vehicle. These decorations can be purchased from stores or made at home and can be as flamboyant or subtle as your taste allows. Transform Your Car The most striking decorations

The Top 5 Christmas Movies

Movies about Christmas are released every year, and seeing a Christmas movie is a good way to get into the Christmas spirit. There are a lot of lousy Christmas movies out there, though, so in the interest of holiday cheer, here is a list of the five best ever made. A Classic Story Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a novella he wrote in 1843, and screen adaptations of this

5 Unusual Work Christmas Parties

Are you tired of the same old work Christmas parties? Are you a bit sick of having dried up turkey dinner in January, because they couldn’t organize the celebration in time for Christmas itself? Or perhaps you want to get the party out of the office and circumvent those embarrassing store cupboard clinches that seem to happen, or inappropriate photocopies? With the festive season fast approaching, here are 5 ways