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Choose The Right Art Paintbrushes

Using the right paintbrush makes all the difference in the feel and look of a finished work of art. Many new artists underestimate the importance of a brush and how its characteristics determine overall technique and effect. The great assortment of brushes at any art store makes choosing the right ones a difficult task, unless there is a basic understanding of the types of brushes available, how each handles paint

Types of Paper Craft

The art of paper craft is thought to have originated in ancient times along with the appearance of what we know as modern day paper. The invention of paper is attributed to Cai Lun, a Chinese official who came up with an innovative wood-pulp based process in the second century B.C. Paper is used in many cultures to create three-dimensional objects used for decoration. Paper is a great material to

Funniest Greetings Cards Messages Ever

The rise of the e-card has been enormous– millions of them are now sent every month. Their popularity is a direct result of their convenience, says New York Times journalist Nick Bilton. You don’t need to buy an envelope for an e-card. You don’t need to buy a stamp. You don’t even need to leave your house to send one. Yet, they’re extremely diverse, very adaptable and lots of fun

How to Write Comedy Faster

I have seen many writers struggle while writing comedy. Whenever a topic is given to them, they take a long time to come up with a comedy script or a joke about it. Some people might have trouble starting while others seem to get stuck half-way through their writing. Comedy Can be Written in Many Ways There are many ways to write a comedy script or a bunch of jokes

World’s Three Most Expensive Furniture Items

For the extremely wealthy, common material acquisitions include rare motor vehicles, large estates, precious jewels and stables full of winning racehorses. For some, expensive furniture and antiques, which are often hundreds of years old, are the preferred signifier of wealth. Valuable items of furniture are one of a kind, have a unique design, boast unparalleled craftsmanship and hold a significant place in history. This article recognizes three of the world’s

Beating Borders with eCards

 Although sending traditional greeting cards is still an excellent way to show a loved one your appreciation on a special occasion, e-cards provide ways to send more personalized and dynamic cards in ways that can’t be achieved with physical cards. There are many extra features that can be accessed via e-cards, which offer added value alongside the cost effective benefits of sending cards out. Opting for an e-card for Christmas

Top Business Card Design Tips

A business card is one of the best ways to quickly provide contact information to anyone interested in your brand or idea.  Having a business card will allow you to casually pass along all of the necessary information about you and your company during any length meeting.  If you bump into someone important to your industry in an elevator, having a business card will allow you to quickly and efficiently

Walking on Water – Campus Style

While none of the students at Florida International University are claiming to be the messiah, but 80 of them competed in the annual Walk on Water Assignment, which tasks students to create floatation footwear allowing them to traverse the lake. Getting across the 175 ft. lake on the university campus is no mean feat and for the second year running, student Alex Quinones was the first to make it across

Decoding Your Dreams: What Your Mind Sees While Your Eyes Are Closed

Everybody dreams. We each have our own unique and complex mind, which has the ability to conjure up just about any image imaginable. What is so fascinating is that despite us all experiencing our own unique dreams, we all share such similar reoccurring themes in them. That people from so many different backgrounds, of varied cultures and experiences share the same common themes reminds us that we’re not all different.

Keep your CD’s In Great Condition

The Benefits of CD Storage Cases and CD Storage Sleeves  Fortunately, there is a better way.  With CD storage sleeves, you can easily organize and protect your entire media collection in less space.  Easy to use, safe and portable, a CD storage album is the best choice for any media buff with a larg collection. Hit the Road and Take Your Tunes with You If you’re planning a long road