The Best Voice Over Work Of 2014

Have you ever wondered why all of the voices on car commercials sound similar? The same masculine voice extols the virtues of the newest models and explains the dealership’s special events while footage of the cars race across the desert or down the empty street of city is flashed on screen. You probably know the voices of game show announcers and whomever does the introduction of your favorite television show.

Etiquette For A Bar Party

Planning a night out with your friends for a birthday celebration, a Buck Show or Hen Night, or just an informal get together at the bar? As you head out for these type of events, remember to follow proper etiquette so you stay safe, and you don’t offend anyone, especially the bartender. Etiquette Rules for Any Bar Party Designate one person in your party as the leader or organiser and

Iconic Disney Princesses

Female fictional characters have always featured prominently in animated films from the Walt Disney Company. In fact, they are notable enough to inspire the concept of the “Disney Princess,” a term that acknowledges the royal lineage of many of the heroines. The first eight Disney Princesses in particular have attained iconic status, mainly based on appearing in some of Disney’s most successful animated films. SNOW WHITE The first-ever Disney Princess

Top 7 Theme Party Ideas For 2014

Whether you’re planning a birthday, a college party, or just a small get-together, themed parties are a great way to get people involved, let loose for a night, and have a lot of fun. These ideas (all modifiable for different situations) might take a bit more effort and creativity to pull off than some other themes, but, really, everyone’s been to a toga party: consider trying something new and different.

5 Gender Neutral Party Themes For Kids

Kids of all ages may want to invite both girls and boys to their birthday, holiday, or other year-round parties. However, kids of a young age can feel the pressure of adhering to the gender stereotypes prevalent in American society. This can make it difficult to throw a party at which both girls and boys feel comfortable. To encourage children of both genders to develop a healthier sense of self,

The 2013 Black List Screenplays Released

The infamous Black List of notable screenplays was recently released for the tail end of 2013. This annual report has been released every December since 2004 and provides a closer look at some of the top screenplays not yet produced. The list is a compilation of responses from more than 250 film executives. Each executive is asked to provide a list of his or her top ten favorite screenplays of

TCM Sets The Stage For Its 2014 Annual Classics Film Festival

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has officially announced the dates for this year’s Classics Film Festival, which will take place in Hollywood from April 10th to the 13th. This year’s film festival celebrates two anniversaries, as TCM turns twenty and the festival itself enjoys its fifth consecutive year of showcasing the very best of Hollywood’s silver screen as it draws both beloved actors and movie lovers from all over the world.

Buy Online Bids For Winning More Products And Gift Items

Increasing your chances to win various gifts and products online could be best realized with the consideration of numerous features as per the requirement. Simple bids that you could secure by paying instant money through your credit card will help you in obtaining maximum benefits for sure. With each bid requiring as less as 0.60$ ensuring that you get more clarity, it is possible to obtain more products in exactly

Cocktail Party Etiquette Tips

If you find yourself invited to a cocktail party but aren’t sure how to act or what to do, relax. The following etiquette tips with ensure you make it through with nary a misstep: Dress to impress.Escorts dress to impress and you should, too. To ensure you’re dressing appropriately, make sure to ask the host about the dress code ahead of time. You don’t want to go casual if everyone

How online games passion turning into money making source?

If you have got a good interest in play, here is one for you. You can begin by creating cash on-line game. How? You merely got to share what you recognize by taking your play to the subsequent level. When it involves on-line play, you must not limit yourself to gold farming so as to come up with financial gain. There are several alternative strategies that you simply will attempt