The initial impression that cigarettes created when they hit the commercial screen thanks to the silver screen was that they were cool, and anyone who wanted to be identifies as cool should smoke. It was so rampant that movies did everything but show smoking being cool. It was a kind of marketing that was impressively done with effects and ripples reaching to the present day.

Cigarettes unlike the impression they created have come down hard on the people who smoke them bringing diseases like cancer, but more so messing up the appearance of those who smoke. They look unkempt and even the most kempt still has something about them that cigarettes have messed up. It is easy to identify a smoker without looking too hard, the telltale signs include:


  • Dry skin

The effects of cigarettes on the cigarette smokers is manifested on the skin as drying skin, they have small patches of dryness. They are most likely to be victims of dandruff and other skin ailments including skin cancer. For a smoker a patched and freckled skin are dead give a ways, it is not to say that every adolescent who has these conditions smokes but for people who are past adolescence and haven’t been to a tropical country in the last year, the likelihood is they are smokers.

  • Brown teeth

Tobacco cigarettes unlike the e-cig have many chemicals that are harmful to the body. They are a major component of what causes cancer. However before they cause cancer, they are responsible for conditions such as brown teeth. These conditions are caused when the tar on the cigarettes sticks on to the teeth of the smoker continually.

There are powders to help you remove the tar but some people get the powder when the tar is already a permanent resident on their teeth. Several dental procedures finally remove the tar but it tends to leave a permanent mark on the teeth all the same. Still on oral health, cigarettes tend to leave the mouth musty and your breath funky.

Every one you talk to will know that you are a smoker due to the fumes leaving your mouth. Continued smoking with poor dental hygiene makes you a no go zone for your friends and colleagues unless they have to because of the kind of fumes that leave your mouth. The most serious thing is that sometimes even toothpaste is outdone by the odor.

Exaggerated expression

  • Dark lips

When you make smoking a habit, you get to a point where every drag is important. At this point, it means that you will smoke the cigarette to the filter. What this does is slowly but surely burns your lips ever so slightly, with tie however, what might have started as a scratch develops to a dark visible patch and your lips turn black as a result.

This messes your look up because it is like having a permanent scab, on your lips. You begin to realize that it gets hard pleasing the women if you are a man and men if you are a woman. Instead of being the social relationship enhancer as it was in the 1970s, today it has become a repellant, having lost its sex appeal and allure.

  • Burn marks

Unless you are a war hero who has been a war prisoner, or a victim of the violent sex trade in Eastern Europe, you have no right having cigarette burns on your person. Thanks to Hollywood, this two have a free pass in everyone’s eyes that said. It is important to note that every smoker, at one point or the other has burnt himself with cigarettes.

These burns are an eyesore and by many standards things that should not be seen. They are normally on the fingers, arms, or the lips. Those on the lips take a long time to heal owing to the nature of lips and the moisture found on them. The use of smoking extensions has been employed to help in curbing these burns with little or no effect.

  • Body odor

Cigarette smoking leaves a lingering smell on your person, on your clothing and on your hair. This makes it undesirable to your social circles to meet you. Once a good friend points it out, you invest in expensive colognes, mouth fresheners and or you try to quit. The human skin is absorbent and this means that you might not be able to get rid of the odor if the steps you decide to take do not involve quitting.