For golfers of all standards, there are few things finer in life than a golfing holiday to an exotic destination with a group of good friends, but since the advent of the worldwide economic recession many people have had to shelve plans to travel overseas. It should be pointed out, however, that there are still ways to trim costs in a bid to reduce spending. If you’re planning a golf trip in the coming months, here are five ways to make it more affordable for everyone.

golf holiday

Find a cheaper bar

Most golfing holidays involve a significant intake of alcohol during the trip, and this can make a sizable dent in the amount of spending money that’s needed. In general, hotel bar prices are noticeably more expensive than in local independently-owned bars, so if possible you need to shop around for the best deals. Once you’ve found the ideal place, you can use it as a base for the duration of the trip.

Select your courses carefully

If you are visiting countries such as Spain and Portugal, you are likely to have a number of golf courses to choose from. Many of these venues charge a small fortune in green fees, but there may well be much cheaper ones in the general vicinity. Although we all love to play on the top tracks, finding a bargain here and there can help the holiday become an annual event that everyone can afford.

Bring all you need with you

Having to buy items such as waterproof clothing and shoes, perhaps because you forgot to bring them with you, can hurt you in the wallet. Even buying golf balls in the local pro shop can cost you a small fortune, so make sure you have plenty with you when you leave home. If you play particularly badly – and we’ve all done that at times – it’s a good idea to find out if anyone is selling golf balls cheaply in the local area.

Choose a half-board option

For many golfing travellers, the most expensive aspect of every trip is the evening meal. While it’s good fun to be able to choose a different restaurant every night, it would be far less expensive to book half-board accommodation if it’s available. Many hotels in Europe operate a buffet system in their restaurants, so there is likely to be a wide range of options for the hungry golfer whenever dinner-time comes around.