Everyone loves a little bit of pampering, whether it’s a do-it-yourself manicure at home or regular laser treatment sessions.  One of the best ways to discover cheap or free pamper session options near you is via SalonGuineaPig.co.uk.  They are a website devoted to helping students, colleges, professional training courses and beauty competition organizers find ‘guinea pigs’ to be the model for a variety of treatments.  You simply register with them and then you can search for, or be found by, trainee or professional beauty stylists.


Another option when looking for discount and free pampering is to visit your local school of beauty therapy.  The students are observed at all times by their fully qualified teacher and will have spent most of their course practicing on one another so by the time they are working on members of the public they are nearing the end of their course, well rehearsed and nearly technically perfect.

You can receive everything from facial/leg/bikini waxing, facials, manicure and pedicure, facial tinting (such as brows and lashes) and professional make up.   You can spend double or triple the prices in the highstreet salons to the ones you find in a student salon, for basically the same outcome.

Although the salon itself may not be as ambient and luxurious, and the trainees are there for learning as opposed to your total comfort, their bedside manner is all part of the training when becoming a beautician so they should not be entirely tactless.  If they are, simply ask for another student next time.  Overall the experience and final look should differ only very slightly to a professional salon.

Invite the girls round, each armed with a pre-requested beauty item such as a favorite nail varnish, varnish remover, a pack of nail files, a nail cutter, scented bubble bath (for the foot soak) and a foot scrub.  Use the bath for a group foot soak or take turns (washing in between) with an old washing up bowl.  Essential oils in the water along with the bubble bath will add a deliciously luxurious touch and help soothe and moisturize your poor old feet.

If you are really going for an all out pampering session then pop along to Boots or Superdrug and pick up one of their super cheap facepacks.

A bottle of wine and a chick flick are all that is needed to complete this extremely cheap night of pampering and beautifying!