In 2009 alone there were 10.9 million automobile accidents in the United States, according to the United States Census Bureau. Although this number is slightly higher than the 10.2 million accidents in 2008, it’s a significant improvement over the 18.3 million automobile accidents that occurred in 2002. Many of the people involved in these accidents might have spent years basking in an illusionary confidence that their car insurance company would take care of them, responding to law enforcement and civil court requests promptly, decisively. However, this isn’t always the way automobile accidents, particularly accidents that cause major property or bodily damages, are handled. In fact, to get the support they spent years paying an automobile insurance company for, some people turn to a car accident attorney.

Another reason that you might want to work with a car accident attorney after you have an accident has to do with some habits found at insurance companies. As reported in the CBS News January 29, 2013 “Good Driving Record Doesn’t Equal Low Insurance Rate, Study Says” article, “A good driving record doesn’t necessarily mean low car insurance rates, according to a new study by the Consumer Federation of America.” The article also shares, “The study finds insurers often charge safe drivers more than those who’ve been in accidents.”

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In fact, low income Americans with less education and no driving accidents were charged higher insurance premiums than people living in wealthier zip codes with higher levels of education who did have one or more automobile accidents. The study that covered 12 cities found that low income Americans paid as much as $2,000 more than their wealthier counterparts who’d had an accident.

A car accident attorney could help you avoid paying excessively high insurance premiums, even after you have an accident. An experienced car accident attorney could also:

  • Locate people who witnessed automobile accidents you were involved in, offering you more support whether or not you go to court to defend yourself against an accident
  • Take pictures of an accident scene, pictures that could be used in a court of law
  • Interview other drivers involved in an automobile accident you were involved in
  • Negotiate settlements with attorneys representing other drivers and passengers
  • Work to get you financial rewards should you get injured in an accident due to no fault of your own

You don’t have to be the driver of a vehicle to need the services of a car accident attorney. As 16-year-old Lidiane Carmo did, following the death of her parents, uncle, sibling and family friend as reported in the Marietta Daily Journal‘s January 29, 2013 “2012 Crash Survivor Buoyed by Faith” article, you might need the services of a car accident attorney should you be the survivor of a fatal automobile accident. In these types of situations, a good car accident attorney could provide legal support, emotional support and help direct you to social and community services you can use to start rebuilding your life.

Author: Rhonda Campbell is an experienced writer. Campbell has blogged about business, finance, and law.