Korean Fashion – From the catwalk to street talk

When one thinks of high fashion, the first image that comes to mind is that of a model and a catwalk. In spite of the fact that very few people have actually been to a live fashion show, this image still rings true to most.  Most of the time high fashion looks great on the catwalk, but seems impractical for your daily wardrobe. The average person would never imagine actually purchasing one of these pieces because of its large price tag and bold look, making high fashion inaccessible for the majority of people. It is my opinion that high fashion should be accessible to everyone, but the real question is how does this happen?  Only with a connection from the catwalk to the street can this happen.

Korean Fashion

The International Fashion Weeks

Korean fashion seem to be developing in way that allows it to be both high fashion and accessible to a broad audience. While many innovative Asian designers participate in worldwide fashion shows, they are trying to find ways to create new designs that are at a price that makes them appealing to everyday shoppers too.  Korean and Asian designers made splashes at the international fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan this year giving the fashion capitals of the world a taste of Korean fashion.

 All New, All Korean

Korean fashion has been on trend with the freshest ideas and designs of 2012 fashion. The use of pastel colors, neon and animal print are prominent in Korean fashion.  They have also translated these trends to accessories, which Asian fashion designers are particularly renowned for.  They have also frequently displayed a trend that arrived towards the end of 2012, the peplum accent.  Korean high street and online fashion shops are quickly absorbing these new trends.