More schools are beginning to realise the importance of playgrounds and as such they are finding ways to fund newer and more challenging equipment in them. The benefits children get out of messing around in a well-conceived playground are enormous both mentally and physically. As an added bonus children of all ages get to have more fun in them.

There is a tremendous choice of playground equipment around, all of which is safe for school children to use and enjoy playing around on. However, it is no use installing great looking equipment if the children don’t find it challenging or thrilling. Younger children can benefit from adventure play equipment and moveable building blocks whereas older children would enjoy ball games like Basketball and outdoor gym equipment.

Children's adventure playground

Children’s adventure playground

Are Safety Issues an Issue?

School playground equipment has to meet all regulations set in place by Health & Safety and this includes new school fencing which is crucial to keeping children safely in the playground and intruders out. Other things to consider are whether or not the playground would benefit from canopies, and a better surface for children to play on. This is when expert knowledge of playgrounds comes into its own and there are many specialist companies (such as ) around able to provide everything needed from the planning stage right through to installation of the recreational equipment.

A Great Choice of Outdoor Playground Equipment Available

Outdoor playground equipment around today is as diverse as the materials it can be constructed out of. There is also a great selection of themes to choose from. This includes things like adventure playground equipment, outdoor musical instruments as well as many other colourful designs that are ideal for younger children to play on; this includes things like game markings.

Children have always enjoyed games like hopscotch but it’s always an entertaining idea to add more challenging things like chess boards and mazes as well as alphabet snakes to a play area. Activities that get children’s minds working whilst playing a favourite playground game at the same time offer stimulation and creativity both of which are valuable to a child’s  growth.

Basketball ideal for older kids

Basketball ideal for older kids

What About Older School Children?

When it comes to playground equipment for older kids, you may think life is a lot easier with just basketball, football and netball being enough to offer them as popular outdoor activities. However, other more sophisticated playground equipment includes things like outdoor gym concepts which today offers a valuable way to tempt them back outside. Teenagers enjoy using the equipment because they can exercise and tone up muscles, getting in much better shape. In short, the equipment brings a gym to the playground.

A well planned playground for older kids has been shown to be invaluable when it comes to reducing anti-social behaviour as well as petty crime purely because teenagers are offered an alternative place to meet up rather than a shopping mall or street corners.

Keeping Everyone Happy & Fitter

Teenagers can be difficult to please which means teen-focused recreational areas have to include three distinct things. The first being an activity area, the second a place where the teenagers can socialise and lastly the third needs to be area that offers privacy. This is where ‘teen shelters’ come into their own, providing a hideout area for older kids, a place where they can play computer games or listen to music on their iPods and just basically ‘chill-out’ when they want to.


A lot more schools are updating their playground equipment with a view to tempting children of all ages back outside and they are doing this by making the equipment look a lot more inviting and useful to use. However, the equipment also needs to offer school children of all ages the chance to be challenged both physically and mentally. At the end of the day, fun has to be put back into the playground so that children start enjoying them again.