Do you spend most of your time sitting? Are you the kind of person who spend his entire day, either at home or in office, sitting? Although sitting can be a good resort to your tiring day, too much of it is not good.

Sedentary behavior like sitting too much can bring harmful consequences to the overall health. Many studies have shown that too much sitting can be a culprit to weight gain, cardiovascular diseases while at the same time increases risk of back pain, certain cancers, and fatigue. Too much sitting can be the result of daily routines of the work of many people where many have to be in this sedentary state for almost half day. While doing vigorous or moderate exercises during the day will not automatically fix the problem that is brought by too much sitting, it can definitely be of huge help. A beak of a minute throughout will help in avoiding most of the health problems associated with this condition.

The modern day living has sapped a huge number of activities in our lives. Through the internet, you can pay bills, shop around even make a living right on the couch without the need to stand around. The consequences of this convenient and easy living are very profound. When you sit too much, the body will begin shutting down the metabolic level. Right after sitting down, electrical activities in the muscles slows down and the rate of calorie burning is dropped to only one calorie per minute. This is only about 1/3 of the rate when you are walking.  When the muscles intended for movement such as those found in our legs are immobile, the circulation inside our body will significantly slow down. This also means that the body will also burn fewer calories. The key fat burning enzymes which are responsible to break down fat or triglycerides will begin switching off. By sitting half or full day, you can expect plummet on these fat burners. This means significant weight gain and diets will no longer work positively.

Back Pain

The lesser the body movement is, the lesser the body makes use of the blood sugar. If you will be sitting the whole day, you will experience significant reduction in the glucose uptake in the insulin. This means that there is a higher risk of incurring diabetes especially the type 2 diabetes. Since the enzymes which help in checking the blood fats are inactive, your risk for heart diseases is also increased. There are numerous studies which revealed that the more time spend sitting, the bigger the area of fats are being deposited in the heart. Pericardial fats are strongly linked to cardiovascular diseases. It can get away on the functioning of the heart as it will clog the arteries. Having standing desks or getting up for few minute of stroll may help in mitigating the numerous negative effects of too much sitting.

 Sedentary condition also leads to depression as there is less blood flow in the body and lesser feel good hormones will circulate in the brain. Serotonin is needed in order that depression may be effectively combated. This is the reason why most of anti depressant medication have high content of serotonin. Sedentary lifestyle like sitting too much will not release very important hormones endorphin which is high in serotonin.  If you shut your movement, your source of this hormone will also be shut off. Endorphin is the natural feel good neurotransmitter in the body and lack of it can make you feel lethargic and depressed.  One must take initiative to spare few minutes to do some workout especially during leisure time. This investment of your time will definitely pay its rewards not only in the overall physical health but mental and emotional health as well.

Spine and back problems can also be caused by sitting too much. This is because, when you are always in this position, the hamstring and hip flexor will shorten and tighten. The back is being pulled from its natural position when the legs are at 90 degree angle with the hips. The hips will stop rotating just after the first sixty degrees of its descent. This means that the muscles which support the spine will be very stiff and weak. This is the reason why there was a significant increased in the cases of chronic lower back pain problem in the last years especially for women. When experiencing this problem, short break or few minutes of exercise may help to rehabilitate the back. When you are at home, you can lie flat on your back and bring both of the knees to the chin and hold it for sew seconds. When at work, you should exert some deliberate effort to stand up from time to time. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the muscles which are supporting your spine.

With these numerous health risks pose by sitting too much, it is high time to take a minute of break and get up. This means doing some conscious effort to perform some movement all throughout the day. You have to remember to at least stand every after 2 hour that you are on sedentary sitting position. If you are at work, rather than sending private message or an email to your co employee, you can opt to walk over in his desk. You can also use the phone standing up and try to perform work to emancipate that booty from the seat.

When you are at home, cutting on your TV time will surely be of significant help. If you cannot cut on the TV time, you can opt to watch TV while doing treadmill or on exercise bike do movement which will interrupt the sedentary stints of your daily life you can also take the commercial break as a reason to stand up. since, you will not be able to easily break free from your regular work routine, thus, the minute of break will surely of advantage to you.

A minute of break from sedentary position of sitting too much can help the risk of gaining significant of weight and avoid the many health risk it brings. It can be coupled with healthy weight loss diet program such as Medifast meal plans to enjoy optimum results.