BMW is known as one of the most luxurious driving experiences in the country but there is nothing in the handbook that says your new ride has to look like everyone else’s. Chances are you will want to customize your BMW with accessories that will set your car apart from the rest. To help you not overlook even the smallest detail; consider these upgrades because it’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Seat covers are one thing that people usually begin with since it’s the part you sit on. Comfort and style will be the first thing you look at since there are more exotic leathers to choose from. There are even custom stitching options that give your seats even more detail. Depending on whether you have bucket, reclining or racing seats will determine the type of covers you want to consider.

One of the most often overlooked accessories would be the rearview mirror. Rearview mirrors are no longer just for looking behind you. BMW has introduced rearview mirrors that come with a compass and universal transceivers to make your driving experience even more pleasurable and safe.

Another accessory often overlooked would be the shifter and brake lever. Believe it or not there are many, many options to customize your shifter and brake levers. Chrome knobs, leather covered gear shifts and wood grained shift knobs will give your BMW an upgraded look for very little additional cost. The newest item on the list would be the illuminated gear shift knobs that are highly desired by BMW owners since it makes it easy to see in the dark.

Steering wheel covers by BMW keep your steering wheel protected as well as your hands. The sun is the number one reason steering wheels become dry and cracked so protecting it with a cover is one way to protect it and keep it lasting longer. Not to mention, a steering wheel cover will make it less likely that you’ll burn your hands because it sat in the heat all day.

One of the last things you’ll ever think about is the BMW 3 Series floor mats but believe it or not, those little things can make a huge difference in the look of the interior. You are no longer required to stick with the traditional floor mats that are standard to the vehicle. BMW now offers carpeted mats with the BMW logo, durable rubber floor mats and even floor liners that will cover more of your floor board than typical floor mats. Trunk liners will also ensure you are protecting your trunk flooring from tears, stains or spills.

Now, let’s talk about the BMW 3 Series impressive sound system straight from the factory. Often times this is the first upgrade considered in customizing your BMW with accessories. You can upgrade the quality factory speakers to a higher end and better quality sound system for your vehicle.

You can choose to have all of these upgrades done when you first purchase your BMW 3 Series, however it’s more cost effective to have the details taken care of after you get it home. Talk to your BMW specialist to go over all of your options.