Whether it’s for an important appointment or an early start at work, getting up first thing in the morning can be a gruelling task. The sound of that alarm is like a klaxon warning you of impending doom and despite its usefulness I’ll wager more than enough alarm clocks have been damaged this way. But one thing I always find that softens the initial interruption from blissful slumber is the mix of aromas that can fill your home (and subsequently your nostrils) and tantalise and tease the senses.

I’m talking about the smell of that first cup of coffee being poured out of the coffee machine. That rich, instantly recognisable smell soon has me pulling on my dressing gown and slippers. If I’ve set the timer for it the night before correctly then it’s the perfect way to give me the encouragement I need to get out of bed with barely any action needed from me.

Wake up

It might not even have to be from a coffee machine, or coffee grinder, or espresso maker, or any other coffee-based appliance. It’s not completely out of the question for my housemate to be up before me and pouring himself some instant coffee using the kettle. Even the smell of the granulated stuff still finds its way up into my bedroom and puts a smile on my face.

Not a Coffee Fan?

Okay, maybe you don’t like coffee all that much (in which case you’d hate mornings – and afternoons, and evenings – in our house) so what about the powerful aroma of just-cooked bacon? Bacon is always stocked in our fridge so it’s not uncommon for at least one of us to be up before the other grilling some quality slices of smoked in our oven. Maybe the radio is playing softly by the counter or the TV news reporter is reeling off the day’s top stories. Or maybe no device is turned on and the simple sound of the bacon sizzling under the grill is as good an accompaniment as any.

The Hungry Dudes

Even warm toast straight from the toaster can have that certain tantalising smell which reminds you of home cooking and good times. That may sound like I’m overly romanticising the whole idea but many people across the globe know that one of the best compensations for having to get up early in the morning is the sweet aroma of fresh coffee or a cooked breakfast that almost lifts you off your feet and levitates you down the stairs like in old cartoons.