As children, we loved to play games at school while waiting for class or lunch to end, and many of us chose to play Chinese Football.  Some people call it Paper Football or Flick Football, no matter what you called it, you enjoyed playing the game.

How to Play the Game

The rules for Paper Football are similar to American Football.  There are two opposing teams that try to score a touchdown and then a field goal.  Two players will sit across from each other at a table, and a coin will be tossed to see who will begin the game with a “kick off.”  The winner of the coin toss will start the game by holding the ball between his index finger and the table, and will use his opposite hand to flick the ball to the other side of the table.  If he does not get a touchdown, the opposite player will begin the game where the ball lands.  Each player gets three tries to score a touchdown.

Paper Football

To get a touchdown, the ball must land so that some of it is hanging over the edge of the table.  If this occurs, then that player will get to “kick” a field goal.  To “kick” a field goal, the opposite opponent will form a field goal with his hands, while the other player holds the ball between his index finger and the table and flicks the ball between the goal posts.  A touchdown is worth six points, and a field goal is worth one point.  If at some point the football goes over the table then the opposite gets the ball.

Folding the Paper Football

To make the paper football, you will need a piece of paper that is 8 ½ x 11 inches.  Place the piece of paper in front of you vertically (lengthwise) and fold it in half.  Next, unfold the paper and either cut or tear it at the crease.  You should have two vertical halves.  Take one of the halves, place it vertically in front of you and fold it in half lengthwise.  Then take the left corner and fold it up and to the right, so that the edge is flush with the right side.  The fold should look like a triangle.  Now, begin folding the triangle up until you reach the top of the paper.  Leave a little extra piece of the paper at the top, so you can fold that piece into the pocket that was formed.  If there is too much extra, you can tear or cut some of it off, then fold it into the pocket.  Now you have a paper football.