Almost every business has a website today. It is understandable that one needs to be on the virtual world to reach more people and grow. Some business websites are doing exceptionally well; however, some fail to leave a mark.

In most cases it is because one of the various aspects of the website is not properly taken care of. A business website is not complete until all the pages are well-designed and fulfill the purpose.

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Explained below are website tips for business. Given are the types of pages that every business website should have with tips on how to keep them attractive.

The Homepage

Firstly, remember that the homepage is the most important page of your website. Your homepage should set the tone right away by using relevant images or having a good welcoming message. Additionally, since the homepage is generally the first page to be designed, it should be produced keeping all the other pages in mind so that there are no changes required at a later stage.

The Introduction Page

The introduction page is of utmost value. It will introduce your visitors to your business. The introduction page should be drawn up carefully so that it instantly attracts your visitors and leaves an everlasting impression. This page can have introduction to the trade and the owner/s of the business. Additionally, it may also have the vision and objective of the business so that the visitors know exactly what kind of a company you have.

The History/Achievements Page

It is important for every business to highlight its achievements. However, make sure all the achievements are put correctly with solid information. You should give concrete information. For example: If your business won an excellence award, make sure you mention when it was held and by whom etc.

The Testimonials/Reviews Page

A review page is very important to win over new buyers. Those who are not aware of the quality of your work will need this section to have an idea on how true you are to your work. However, this section can be eliminated if you have a strong accomplishment page that is enough to leave a good impression.

The Image Gallery Page

You should have a section on your work-related images. These include the images of your office, the tools or equipments you are using. Try To hire a professional photographer for the job so that the result is worth posting.

The News and Happenings Page

Sometimes people go to a website just to see what to expect in the future. Make sure you have a news section to keep your visitors updated with all the happenings. If you have any special offer or discounts up for grabs, make sure they are highlighted well. This section must be updated regularly with business-related, news worthy items.

The Contact Us Page

Have a working contact us page mentioning your business’s e-mail, contact number and physical address. If possible, you may also add a map (take help from Google Maps) to help people locate your office.  Additionally, you may have a “contact us box” so that people can directly send you queries.

Pay attention to all these website tips for business, and have them well-developed so that your business website leaves a good impression on the visitors.