We have all been there, whether that be on a night out or just leaving for work.  Frantically getting dressed, ironing your shirt, getting your keys…but you have a nagging feeling that you are forgetting something.  Yet you simply cannot remember what you have forgotten and lo and behold later on in the night it comes to you as you reach in your pocket and let out a long sigh.  So here is a list for you of what not to forget on a night out.

electronic cigarettes


Girls, you are the biggest culprits when it comes to this.  “Oh I left it in my other handbag”.  Great stuff.  If you regularly get asked for ID when trying to get into a club then (you are dating girls that are too young) please do not forget your identification!  There is nothing worse than a group of friends having to change their plans for the whole night just because you had to be that person that forgot their ID.

Chewing Gum

People like to look good when they go out, for fairly obvious reasons.  They also like to smell nice as well – so make sure you apply your aftershave/perfume and don’t forget chewing gum!  There is nothing worse than talking to someone whose breath smells.  It doesn’t matter how good the conversation is, if they have bad breath it aint going to last….


Leading on from bad breath, a lot of people have started to smoke electronic cigarettes.  They are healthier, you can smoke inside and they are odourless.  As such, not only do you not have to go outside every time you want to have a cigarette, you also won’t come back in smelling like cigarettes and having smoker’s breath (still bring the chewing gum though).  So if you smoke e-cigs, do not forget them because if you do it is likely you will be smoking real cigarettes when you have a few drinks!  Not only do the real things have pretty bad consequences, but if you go out with a group of non smokers you may well find yourself missing out on a lot as you nip outside to light up!  Or they might start to get annoyed with you as you persuade one of them to stand outside in the cold whilst you have a fag. Remember to buy some before the weekend, especially if you order from sites like Ex Cig because otherwise you might find yourself without your trusted e-cigs and fighting your cravings for the real thing!

Flat Shoes

Again, ladies this applies to you.  If you decide to wear ridiculously high heels that you can barely walk in, please make sure that you take a pair of flats in your handbag so that you can get home.  It is incredibly irritating when everybody wants to go home but they have to walk at a snail’s pace because you are shuffling along on 7 inch heels.  Take some flat shoes and maybe you might be able to run for the last train home.

There are many many more things that people forget.  However, stick to these simple things and you might be able to avoid having one of those moments when you realise exactly what you have forgotten!